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A turbulent history

Hotel Hollerather Hof 1936Hotel Restaurant Hollerather Hof was built in 1933/1934 by Heinrich Kampschulte and was commissioned by the authorities. The hotel had to serve as an example for all hotels in the Eifel region and was equipped with modern comforts such as hot and cold running water and central heating. The hotel was then known as Hotel "Sporthotel Hollerather Hof".

Concurrent with the completion of the Hollerather Hof also the "Adolf Hitler Schans" was opened. This ski jump was the largest and most modern in the region and served as the primary training ramp for the " Westdeutschen Skiverband". The hotel accommodations offered to the members of the Ski Association.


Hotel Hollerather Hof 1945During the Second World War the jump was destroyed, as most houses and buildings in Hollerath. This is not surprising, because the area was the scene of the famous Battle of the Bulge. The Battle of the Bulge was a plan by Adolf Hitler to cut of the most northern troops of the Allies on the Western Front from their supply lines and destroying them. The battle lasted from 16 December 1944 to 25 January 1945 and was the last offensive of the German army.

Hotel Hollerather Hof 1946The reason that the hotel is largely spared was due to the fact that it was used as a hospital. The hotel was directly behind the line and was thus perfectly suited to serve as hospital. The building has been spared thanks to the red cross on the roof.

Because the hotel was one of the few buildings that was still intact, after the war the basement was used as a church. The Sunday school also took shelter in the hotel. Furthermore, the hotel gave shelter to refugees and the homeless and also the local soup kitchen was located here.

Hotel Hollerather Hof 1954In 1954 the hotel was purchased by Lambert Faßbinder who completely renovated the hotel. In the following years tourism in the Eifel came to flourish. Hotel Restaurant Hollerather Hof was known throughout the Eifel region and beyond and was highly respected culinary.

In 1968 the widow Hildegard Klode bought the hotel. On the weekends she was so busy that the surrounding streets were full of parked cars. Many customers came mainly because of her delicious soup. At the end of the seventies, Hildegard became ill and her son Erich had to help her in the hotel. He studied sports teacher, but fate would have it otherwise.

Hotel Hollerather Hof 2010In 1980 he took over the hotel. He renovated the hotel to the requirements of that time and built a swimming pool in the basement. Also, the hotel was completely isolated from the outside. This insulation has ensured the current Fachwerk appearance of the hotel.

In the years that followed, tourism decreased sharply in the Eifel. Bus and air travel became more affordable and tourists flocked to Spain, Greece and Turkey. In the Eifel was not much to do and many hotels had to close doors. Despite the declining tourism Hotel Restaurant Hollerather Hof managed to survive.

For several years, now the tourists slowly return to the Eifel. Declaring a part of the Eifel National Park in 2004 has helped to achieve this.

On 15 February 2012 Hotel Restaurant Hollerather Hof has been taken over by Auke Beetstra and Ed Bos. After a thorough renovation of the restaurant, kitchen, reception and bar & lounge, the hotel is now ready for a new chapter in its history..


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